4 Can't-Miss Panels to Support Summer Business Planning

Aug 5, 2021
4 Can't-Miss Panels to Support Summer Business Planning
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Sometimes in the summer we have a bit more time to learn, think and not just do. To support you, we’ve designed a line-up of 4 events to give you unprecedented access to experienced CEOs, leading investors and the critical data you need to inform your next big business and board decisions.

Below is a round up of what’s to come with links to register:

Bolster Up Series - Bite-sized CEO chats to scale your startup.

Built for busy CEOs with just 30 minutes to spare. Tune-in to hear our CEO, Matt Blumberg, in conversation with other startup CEOs who’ve struggled with the challenges of scaling specific functions, to learn what they did to turn things around and propel growth.

  • 8/12 - How to Scale Your Revenue Function, with Ozcode CEO, Shimon Hason. RSVP
  • 9/15- How to Scale Your Marketing Function, with Drip CEO, John Tedesco. RSVP

8/18 - Does diversity actually have value in venture?

Think you’ve already heard every conversation about diversity in business? Bolster and Aumni will share unseen data that reveals true company performance and investment application. Guaranteed you’ll walk away with at least three NEW actions you can take immediately.

Quizlet CEO, Matt Glotzbach, will speak to the intentional diversification of his board, the process he went through and the impact it’s had on the business.

Homebrew partner, Hunter Walk, and independent board director, Sharmila Kassam, will share their perspectives across a portfolio of businesses. This will not be another theoretical conversation. Join us to add your voice.

8/25 - Market Insights: How to Build & Compensate Your Board for Maximum Impact.

Are you a CEO, investor or board exec looking for data and analysis on private company board compensation and composition?

  • The panel will feature exclusive research on board-building best practices + compensation trends for independent directors, from Bolster’s benchmarking study and J.Thelander’s private company board compensation analysis.
  • Foundry partner and author of The New Builders, Seth Levine, and Board Director, Sue Siegel, will offer reactions and commentary. This will be a highly interactive session, so come ready to get your questions answered.

At each event we will be doing random giveaways of Bolster’s new book, Startup CXO, to participants. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please invite your network of CEOs, portfolio peers, execs and investors. All are welcome!

-Matt Blumberg, August 5, 2021.