Announcing The Daily Bolster

We’re thrilled to announce The Daily Bolster—a quick-hitting podcast for startup leaders scaling their businesses.

How To Engage With The CCO

One of the most productive ways to engage with your CCO is offsite and with customers. This builds a clear understanding of your customer base and their challenges.

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The Quest for Diversity in Tech Leadership Is Stalling. Here’s Why.

If they don't do the work, tech CEOs will continue to bemoan the lack of diversity in their leadership ranks and miss out on the benefits of diverse leadership, while not taking ownership for those efforts stalling.

Signs Your CCO Isn’t Scaling

Your CCO should be looking far enough ahead to begin thinking about upcoming challenges and working to develop solutions that scale with your organization.

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5 Things Successful Founder Operators Do Differently

None of these practices is the path of least resistance, but there's something in them that leads to the competitive edge, the informed intuition, the vision, and the ability to motivate people that are common in successful founders.

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What Does Great Look Like in a Chief Customer Officer?

The great CCOs all have the same traits: they are advocates for the customer, have a mix of quantitative and qualitative skills, and are passionate about processes that create a seamless, functioning team.

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Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: Equity Market Temperature Check

Investors are looking for viable businesses that have traction and product market fit—there’s less focus on unproven but good ideas, and more focus on paying customers and a clear path to profitability. The current market is less about FOMO and more about fundamentals.

When to Hire a Chief Customer Officer

A CCO touches nearly every part of the organization, from sales, to product, to marketing. They are a collaborator, a champion for customers, and a strategic thinker that understands consumer trends and demographics.

Revitalize Your Career for the New Year

Whether the new year has you feeling all the anticipation of a fresh start or you’re one of the many individuals impacted by recent layoffs, it’s time to review your career goals.

Procrastinating Executive Development

Enabling executive development can be the key to retaining executives for the long term and helping them to grow with the company, rather than being out-grown by the company.

Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: A Year in Retrospect

The close of the year is an opportunity to reflect—and report—on progress, learnings, and performance. Are you maximizing the value of your end-of-year reflection?

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Bolster’s Year in Review

For Bolster, 2022 was a year of continued progress—supporting a growing number of clients, adding transformational executives to our on-demand marketplace, launching new tools and features, and more.

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Bolster Partners with Techstars

Bolster Partners with Techstars to Transform Early-Stage Startups through Unique Access to Experienced Leaders

How To Engage With The CMO

Similar to interactions with all CXOs, you’ll have to capitalize on your moments. Here are our tips on how to gain the most value from your CMO.

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Signs Your CMO Isn’t Scaling

Your CMO needs the ability to create space in their day for thinking and analysis, they need to be strategic, and they need to be able to stop doing “one more thing.”

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What Does Great Look Like in a CMO?

Great CMOs have some common characteristics and skills. We're sharing some of the qualities a CMO should embody in order to stand out.

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Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: Path to Profitability

Experienced executives shared their stories and offered perspective and advice on leading—and growing—companies during challenging times.

Date Before You Get Engaged: Use Projects as Auditions

Hiring an executive is a major commitment for you and your team—you need to get it right. Short term projects can fill a specific need or determine whether an individual will be a good fit for a longer-term role.

Creating an Executive Job Description

Job descriptions are a key element in ensuring you appeal to the right candidates, so it’s important to write them effectively.

When to Hire a Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing is the key function in building your brand, reaching customers, and increasing engagement. When is it time for a CMO?

Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: Talent Focus

Experienced talent executives shared their stories and offered perspective and advice on recruiting and retention for today’s leaders.

Bolster Partners with Visible Hands Visionaries Accelerator

Bolster Prime Mentors providing 1:1 coaching through Bolster's partnership with Visible Hands Visionaries Accelerator

Startup Boards: VCs and CEOs Need To Do Their Jobs

A great board is one of a company’s greatest assets. A weak board can kill a company. It’s time to hit the reset button on boards and board meetings.

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On Leadership: Execution

Crappy execution is a waste startup leaders cannot afford

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Avoid Burnout and Bring Joy to Your Work

Recently, Bolster hosted Charlene Wang of to share her expertise around avoiding burnout and building a joyful, balanced life.