Our First Member Service - Health Insurance

Oct 25, 2020
Our First Member Service - Health Insurance

Bolster is a marketplace to connect on-demand executives with startups and scaleups who need their help. We also will provide additional services for both sides of the marketplace. For members, these services will help them manage their business and their lives.

When we first started Bolster, we did extensive discovery work with our members - current and aspiring on-demand executives. We heard loud and clear that health insurance benefits is a pain point! Professionals who were already working in these non-traditional roles were usually covered by their partners’ insurance. Those members who have insurance coverage through an employer, and are interested in moving to a non-traditional type of role, are very concerned about medical coverage, and that fear often stops people from making a change.

We explored a lot of different options, and encountered several roadblocks. We finally acknowledged that insurance companies don’t have a good path to coverage for individuals or groups of individuals. Some of our members have been creative - they’ve started a business with a colleague in order to qualify as a ‘group’ plan, but that seems too complex to manage for thousands of members.

Thankfully, we found a partner who will work directly with our members to find the best insurance options for them - considering their individual needs and location. After we explored this option in more depth, we created a partnership that allows our members to access health, dental, vision and life insurance. We are excited to offer this service to our members and will continue to explore ways to make their lives easier, along with connecting them to great business opportunities.

This is the first of many member services we will offer so that our members can benefit from the types of perks that full time executives get - while also maintaining freedom and flexibility in their lives.

Are you an on-demand executive who could benefit from Bolster’s support with business development and running your business? Sign up at Bolster.com.

– Cathy Hawley, October 26, 2020