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Hiring with Precision:
Identifying the Right Talent at the Right Time

Scaling your leadership team is a vital part of scaling your company. If you haven’t thought about your hiring strategy—or if you haven’t revisited your plan recently—now is a great time to do it. In this webinar, Bolster talent experts Cathy Hawley and Patti Dorsey discuss how leaders can know when to hire, what roles to hire for, and how to find the right talent. This virtual fireside chat includes insights from their real-life recruitment experiences and practical tips for scaling executive teams.

Avoid the Curse of Bad Board Meetings:
Best Practices for Running a Board

It’s time to get the most out of your board. Kim Smith, Chief Capital Formation Officer at Techstars, moderates a conversation with panelists Brad Feld, co-founder of Foundry and early-stage investor, Matt Blumberg, CEO of Bolster and multi-time entrepreneur, and Edward Norton, co-founder of Zeck and award-winning actor. They discuss best practices for managing boards and investors, the most common characteristics of meaningful meetings, and the importance of independent directors and board diversity.

Ethics in the Age of AI:
Generating the Future Responsibly

Our expert panelists Seth Berman and Noah Feldman, co-founders of Ethical Compass Advisors, share fascinating insights with Bolster CEO Matt Blumberg around the ways generative AI can be leveraged across key industries, what it can do well, and where the potential pitfalls might be. They also discussed the regulatory environment and what businesses can do proactively to prevent issues and mitigate risks.

Strategic Hiring Firside Chat with Bolster

Learn the art of building your leadership team in this session around strategic hiring. Join serial entrepreneur and High Alpha partner Keith Laska, Techstars Web3 Managing Director Pete Townsend, and Bolster Co-founder Cathy Hawley in a conversation moderated by Gene Murphy. We discuss how to prioritize talent needs, and what is really important when hiring, and how to avoid costly mistakes.