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We've got a lot going on.

Whether you're looking to connect with leaders, learn from experts, or discover new strategies to scale, Bolster has you covered.

Bolster Breakfast + Meet & Greet
March 22 at 9 am EST | In Person - New York City

Bolster is inviting founders from some of the most active startup networks in NYC for a casual breakfast. Expect to catch up with founders from some of our favorite accelerator programs and partner networks, from those who are recent cohort graduates to startups with a long history in the NYC tech ecosystem. Come get the day started by meeting some excellent old and new connections over strong coffee and croissants and meet the Bolster NYC team.

Bolster for Startups: Founder Story with Laura Mather
March 23 at 4 pm EST | Virtual

Entrepreneurship, exits, and cybersecurity expertise come together to build a fascinating career. Join us for our Founder Story session with Laura Mather, who will discuss her journey as a multi-time founder and board member in a high-tech industry. We’ll also  take questions from the audience—so feel free to come prepared. Attendees will get a first-hand account of Laura’s wins, losses, and lessons learned.

Ethics in the Age of AI: Generating the Future Responsibly
March 28 at 2 pm EST | Virtual

The intelligence is artificial, but the impacts are real. Join us as Noah Feldman and Seth Berman unpack the implications of generative AI alongside Bolster CEO, Matt Blumberg. They’ll walk through potential benefits and risks of generative AI for your business, and discuss how to make decisions around ethical use of the technology.

Bolster for Startups: Founder Story with Ana Chaud
April 20 at 3 pm EST | Virtual

Join us for this Founder Story session as we discuss what it takes to succeed as a CEO—in particular, knowing ourselves as leaders. First time and repeat founders will benefit from Ana Chaud's insights on how to lead with intention and how to stay one step ahead in defining your path, your strategy, and the reasons behind it. We’ll also take questions from the audience—so feel free to come prepared.

Bolster for Startups: Strategic Hiring
Starts June 1 | Virtual

This 4-week program is designed for early-stage CEOs who want to build a robust and thoughtful hiring process.