Our Ebook: How to Build Your Board

Jul 27, 2021
Our Ebook: How to Build Your Board

Over the past several months, we’ve published a series of posts designed to help CEOs better understand how to build, diversify, and scale their boards of directors.

During this process, we’ve noticed that there are still a lot of questions among company leaders about board-building best practices. Without a lot of documentation and analysis about private company boards, most startup CEOs learn about building and managing boards through trial and error. As a result, this critical component of corporate governance is often under-utilized. Directors’ skills and networks are under-leveraged, term lengths are rarely re-negotiated, and board diversity becomes an afterthought.

This is why we set out to publish a comprehensive look at building boards, written from one CEO to another. Each post in our blog series was written by Bolster CEO Matt Blumberg and many incorporated external research and opinions from CEOs and board directors.
You can read the full series here:

We’ve also compiled all of these posts into an Ebook, How to Build Your Board. No matter where you are in your journey as a CEO or company leader, we hope this is a resource and reference for you to look back on over time.

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-Bethany Crystal, July 27th, 2021