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Masterclass: The Entrepreneurial Operating System with Bart Lorang

Every company needs an operating system—a way to manage and scale your business through standard processes. You can spend lots of time and money building and experimenting with your own unique operating system, or you can implement EOS—the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

EOS is a simple, proven system with practical tools, used by more than 170,000 companies worldwide. Join us as Bart Lorang shares how EOS can help you clarify your vision, drive focus and accountability, and cultivate healthy, cohesive teams.

Bart Lorang is a successful multi-time founder and CEO, a board member, and early stage venture capital investor. He’s also a Professional EOS Implementer focused on VC-backed SaaS and tech companies.

This online Masterclass is ideal for leaders looking to grow a business strategically and efficiently. Tune in on March 9th at 3pm EST to learn more about the Entrepreneurial Operating System and the impact it can create for your business.

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