How to Prepare for Your First Board Role

May 19, 2021
How to Prepare for Your First Board Role

Although there are a number of posts in our series about getting on Boards – we are on post 6 out of 12 in the sequence – here is a presentation from a webinar I did today with our partners at Ellevate and Women in the Boardroom that ties a lot of the material together across all the posts.

My presentations frequently require some voiceover since many of the slides are images without words for context, but for those who did attend and requested the slides, here they are! For those who didn’t, a little context on each slide follows:

  • The eBooks referenced on slide 4 are available for Bolster members at all times! Just email or if you haven’t received one yet and want it
  • Slide 6 refers to the sliding scale of “time spent” as a director as companies get larger
  • Slide 7 speaks to the size of a typical private company board as the company grows (from 3 directors, to 5, to 7) as well as the time spent in board meetings at early stage companies vs. later stage ones
  • Slides 9-10 are metaphors for the way CEOs think about building their boards as team.

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-Matt Blumberg, May 19, 2021