10 Scenarios Where On-Demand Executives Work Best

Aug 3, 2021
10 Scenarios Where On-Demand Executives Work Best

Since launching Bolster’s marketplace officially in April, we’re starting to learn a lot about how CEOs and company leaders think about building out their executive teams, and many are starting to think creatively about hiring on-demand executive talent while they are scaling.

We also speak with many CEOs who still default to thinking about full-time first, as opposed to on-demand executives. While there are certainly cases where a full-time hire may still be the right choice, we’ve identified 10 scenarios where you can optimize for business impact and performance with an on-demand executive.

As a reminder, we look at 4 categories of “on-demand” executive work:

  • Interim: Someone fully dedicated to working with a company, but only temporarily
  • Fractional: Someone who works a few days a week on a longer-term basis
  • Mentoring, Coaching, and Advising: Someone who offers advice or coaching on an ongoing basis
  • Project-based Work: Someone who completes a fixed scope of work

We’ve created this one-page guide to help you match your business needs to the right type of on-demand work at the executive level.

We hope you can use this guide as our “choose your own adventure” way to figure out what type of on-demand executive would work best for your needs. If you have immediate on-demand needs in your business today, we encourage you to sign up as a Bolster client and start browsing our 4,000-person executive marketplace today.

-Bethany Crystal, August 3, 2021